Life throws tough situations at you which are out of control and are quite jumbled to be comprehended. It is not how physically strong we are , it is how we sail our roller coaster of emotions through that ordeal. Recently we lost a great lead singer Chester Bennington of the band Linkin Park . His death was wept up by his family, friends and fans. But if we just ponder for a minute , we would realise how seriously we ignore mental health.

No matter how you feel in that trying situation, there is always a ray  of hope that keeps you alive. We might feel stressed, unloved, unwanted, sad and depressed but we should remember we have someone to care for us, to love us, to be deeply affected in our sorrows, to stand by our side in risky moments. ‘Never think yourself to be alone’. ‘There is nothing wrong with you’.

Life is not comprised of fun only. It sprinkles its sour endeavors alongwith its sweet adversities on anyone. If anyone ever feels suicidal, lonely, deserted they should be aware that people will help you if you share your problems with them. Whatever it may feel, talk to people whom you trust and pour out your anguished feelings. There should always be a hope to cure you from the plethora of strangling frustrations. When you  reach a state of depression your mind comes to a point of uncertainty to live or die. But that shouldn’t be the end of life. You should develop a soul to keep yourself motivated to persecute that ailment.

‘Never give up. Life is hard for those who subdue themselves to misfortune’.

Always try to confess. ‘Confessions extols human emotions to have optimistic goals’. Luck may be the deciding factor of our life but we should be the ones to reconstruct our failures and pave our way to the eternity of success.


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