WOMEN-Adorable creatures who wear patience and humbleness as their ornaments, who are the future givers, who are superior to men in every aspect, who bleed all their life for their prime existence, but they are also the ones who are raped, molested and men advocate methods of selling a woman’s flesh out of her dignity to earn money.

In this era of science, technology, modernity with righteous thoughts and spirituality many questions need to be answered….Women are made to accept the patriarchal system as ‘NATURAL’, and they are bound to follow so as their generations. From ancient times we have heard about ‘DEVADASHI PRATHA’, where devadashi’s danced in front of gods and goddesses for spiritual purposes and were used as prostitutes by the priests and landlords.

‘In a fight a man poured acid on her wife’s face’

‘A husband beating his wife for money’

‘A girl being victim to a gang of loafers’

These are some of the examples which are casted on newspapers and condoled for in which women are subdued and are so assailable.

‘How did it became possible to distinguish among two distinct beings created by the same almighty?’

In historical writings we see the atrocities of men writing their own skills in warfare, their bravery and their dominance in law and order. Had anyone thought why women were not given to write their achievements who did the same tasks as men?  Why were they not appreciated or praised for?

As today’s generation is unaware of the past glory of women they fall in the trap devised by men. Men think women lacuna lies in knowledge and wisdom. But they fail to realise if women are endorsed with education they wear their intelligence as their crowns and excel in every fields.


‘Why do men claim women are capable of reproducing and hence its necessary that women should look after their children?’

Yes, women have the biological system to reproduce children and not men. But this is nowhere to be assumed that women should be confined within the four walls and spend their life nurturing her child.

‘Why can’t men take care of their child?’  ‘Aren’t they capable of raising them with utmost care and affection?’

Yes, they are but they seemingly accept the cultural changes and free themselves from biological necessity. Our gender biased society should use their intellect to think that women can win in all spheres in addition to her professional work, her household chores or perhaps taking care of her children.

If this is considered and analysed then women are superior to men.


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